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Rob Stephen

CIGRE Science & Engineering Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to this, the 24th edition of CSE, a Scopus registered (ISSN 2426-1335) magazine which provides the following benefits: 

  1. Free publication – no financial obligation to authors;
  2. Free download – maximum exposure for authors’ work;
  3. Rigorous review – reviewers are selected from the most knowledgeable experts globally by the Study Committee chairpersons;
  4. Rapid publication – the time from submission to publication can be from 6-9 months depending on the revisions required.

Despite the travel restrictions due to COVID, CIGRE managed to hold a symposium in Ljubljana as well as a regional conference in South Africa. We therefore are very pleased to be able to publish the best paper from the South African conference as well as best papers from each of the Study Committees represented at the Symposium. These papers, already peer reviewed, are published in CIGRE Science and Engineering to acknowledge the work of the authors as well as to make their work accessible to all stakeholders.

In addition, we are pleased to publish papers submitted by authors that have undergone a rigorous review and revision process by international experts.

The topics are all very relevant to the industry at present. These include renewable penetration, HVDC breakers, condition monitoring, a case study of connection of HVDC lines with different topologies, information synergy, and an international comparison of electrical clearances for overhead lines.

Authored papers (not included in the “best of” selection) include synthetic data training for diagnosis, electric field limits for composite insulators, a case study of an HVDC link between two synchronous systems, frequency response from solar farms, and analysis of virtual versus synchronous generators.

Authors are from utilities, manufacturers and academia. This provides both practical and cutting edge research results for those studying the papers.

As can be seen from the above the papers are all extremely relevant and highly technical covering information relating to most issues relating to power delivery globally at present.

For those at the forefront of their area of expertise who wish to publish in CIGRE Science and Engineering it is noteworthy that the review process is extremely thorough. Reviewers are selected by the relevant Study Committee chairperson from the global pool of experts within CIGRE. The selection is based on their specific expertise in the topic covered in the paper. There is no “mass request” sent to a pool of reviewers who may or may not be experts in the field. All the papers published in this edition have been thoroughly reviewed and revised often more than once. This ensures the paper is of the highest technical integrity and quality.

If you would like to publish in this prestigious, Scopus registered, magazine please email Rob Stephen.

All information on how to go about publishing can be found on this page.

There is no charge to publish, the magazine is free download providing the maximum exposure to authors. Publication can occur between 6 to 9 months depending on the revisions required.

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