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Rob Stephen

CIGRE Science & Engineering Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to this, the 32nd edition of CSE, a Scopus registered (E-ISSN 2426-1335) magazine which provides the following benefits: 

  1. Free publication – no financial obligation to authors.
  2. Free download – maximum exposure for authors’ work
  3. Rigorous review – reviewers are selected from the most knowledgeable experts globally by the Study Committee chairpersons.
  4. Rapid publication – the time from submission to publication can be from 6-9 months depending on the revisions required.

The journal is active and indexed in Scopus and the details can be accessed here.

CIGRE continues to advertise selected papers on LinkedIn and X (ex-Twitter) feeds allowing access to the papers from your device wherever you are and whenever you wish to read it.

In this edition we are proud to publish 12 excellent papers. Best papers from the Sendai, Croatia and Canadian conferences are included. These papers have all undergone a rigorous peer review process by international experts. They have also been updated where necessary by the authors. There is also part 2 of two papers. Both are rather controversial and we look forward to active discussion. The first deals with general power theory and the second with circuit breaker recovery voltage. Although the reviewers had mixed opinions on the papers it was felt beneficial to readers that these papers be published.

An excellent paper of great interest is from a WG in SC C3 dealing with smart meters and human health. This work is a result of many months of deliberation including input from medical doctors. It can no doubt be used as a reference document by utilities, manufacturers and other stakeholders.

Other topics in this edition vary across all the Study Committee scopes. This covers, equipment, operations, generation types, protection and so on. In addition the effect of climate change and mitigation thereof is covered in two papers, one relating to overhead lines and another relating to use of distributed energy resources to enhance grid resilience. There is therefore information of interest for all engineers, designers and operators as well as manufacturers in this edition. 

As can be seen from the above the papers are all extremely relevant covering a wide range of topics. The authors should be proud that their papers have been accepted after a rigorous review process and in some instances, accepted as the “best of” paper at the conference or colloquium.

If you would like to publish in this prestigious, Scopus registered, magazine please email Rob Stephen.

All information on how to go about publishing can be found on this page.

There is no charge to publish, the magazine is free download providing the maximum exposure to authors. Publication can occur between 6 to 9 months depending on the revisions required.

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