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Rob Stephen

CIGRE Science & Engineering Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to this special "best of" edition of CSE. This is the 27th edition of CSE, a Scopus registered (ISSN 2426-1335) magazine which provides the following benefits: 

  1. Free publication – no financial obligation to authors;
  2. Free download – maximum exposure for authors’ work;
  3. Rigorous review – reviewers are selected from the most knowledgeable experts globally by the Study Committee chairpersons;
  4. Rapid publication – the time from submission to publication can be from 6-9 months depending on the revisions required.

Although the scores are fairly low as CSE was only Scopus registered in 2020, the progress is impressive with citations increasing from 0,4 in 2020 to 0,6 in 2021 and 0,9 to December (increase from 0,8 in September 2022).  This implies that at present there are 93 citations for 101 documents published or 90%.  The magazine also boasts a high impact as it is free download and reaches experts in over 90 countries belonging to the CIGRE family.

This edition consists of the best papers of the Paris Session held in August 2022. These papers were selected and reviewed prior to acceptance for the Paris Session.  Subsequent to this rigorous process, the papers were then selected by the Special Reporters and SC chairman of the Session. These represent the top 16 papers out of the over 800 papers reviewed and selected to be part of the Paris Session. To ensure the papers are current and valid, the authors were asked to update the papers based on discussions in Paris as well as latest findings. The papers are therefore thoroughly reviewed by global experts, selected by the most prominent experts as the best papers per Study Committee, and updated with the latest information.

In this edition there are 16 papers, one for each Study Committee. These best papers cover the full scope of topics covered by CIGRE. Topics covered by these papers include:

  1. Operations of grid with high penetration renewable resources in both Transmission and Distribution environments
  2. Protection, automation of MV/LV systems
  3. Sustainability assessment
  4. Asset monitoring and condition monitoring
  5. Design standards
  6. SF6 replacement considerations

As can be seen from the above the papers are all extremely relevant and highly technical covering information relating to most issues relating to power delivery globally at present.

If you would like to publish in this prestigious, Scopus registered, magazine please email Rob Stephen.

All information on how to go about publishing can be found on this page.

There is no charge to publish, the magazine is free download providing the maximum exposure to authors. Publication can occur between 6 to 9 months depending on the revisions required.

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